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Have you been frustrated by your personal or your family's experiences with a doctor or hospital?  Do you feel powerless or scared when you enter a healthcare setting?  Well, TheDoctERs.com was designed for you!

We are a team of emergency physicians who understand the US healthcare system has become almost impossible for persons without medical training to navigate.  We hope this website will arm you with the necessary background process information to effectively and efficiently take care of yourself and your loved ones in today's increasingly complex healthcare environment.

The information on this site is authored and reviewed by licensed physicians.  We will not provide medical consultations -- no specific information on medical symptoms, tests, or treatments will be available.  There are many other excellent resources that can help you here, including your own physician.  

We will help you understand how to get yourself and those you care about the excellent health care that we believe should be available to each and everyone.

Please share your feedback on our site.

Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS
Peter Bloomfield, MD, MPH


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Friday, 20 February 2009 21:42
We regretfully announce that we do not currently have the time or resources to keep TheDoctERs.com updated.  Please check back frequently for updates on when the site will resume regular updates.
Last Updated on Friday, 20 February 2009 21:46

Boarder Patrol Video


Boarder Patrol Video


TheDoctERs.com is pleased to announce our first video, Boarder Patrol, highlighting an important challenge facing all emergency departments and all patients seeking emergency care. 

Would you purchase a book helping you and your loved ones use the emergency department more efficiently?


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